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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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ad, the noblest ground of divine revelation,
th in power and operation, lies in the fiery
rdness, and is a dry unity or a temperament,
lerein again is contained the separability of all
wers. For, where powers are comprised not in
3 unity of a will, there the will is divided, and
great power is to be understood in that
.ng. Which ought well to be observed by the
ysicians, that they should not look to the
=trse spiritus of strong smell, and regard that
^e true balsam; although it is present therein,
d 9o is the tincture therein very mobile and
49.  The spiritus or spiritual essences of the strong
wer in smell must be brought into the tempera-
jnt, into unity, and not be flying from it, whereby
2n attempt to cure with salt, as with the sharp-
ss of fire, and give to the patient soul without
50.  The soul of such balsams is separated in the
alities;   each one  gives itself in its great joy
parately, but in separation they are too rebellious,
icy unite not life's enmity and division, but kindle
s's division more.
51.  Shut them up and make them one, so that
ey all have one will in love, and you have the
arl of the whole world.    To provoke to wrath
uses pride and strife, which is to be recognized
all things.
52.  A prisoner is comforted only by his release,
ttil he place his will in hope, and compose himself
th patience; and so at last his restlessness falls
to hope, into the temperament,  and he learns